Increase energy efficiency

Fly screens allow for excellent air circulation. Natural ventilation will keep your home cool during the summer season while conserving energy and reducing the high electricity costs of running your AC.


Environmentally friendly

Fly screens environmentally friendly since they don’t contribute to our carbon footprint in the way that air-conditioning does. They offer the similar benefits without taking a toll on the environment.

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Benefits of installing fly screens:

Keeping out insects and disease out

Fly screens aid in keeping out all unwelcome pests. This is particularly important in the hot summer seasons when mosquitoes, flies, and other pests which often carry germs and diseases are predominantly rife.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Fly screens not only allow fresh air to flow, but block out all types of insects.

Werribee Blinds are able to provide you with top quality fly screens at a very cost effective price which can be fitted to all types of doors, windows and openings.

Fresh and healthy air

Fly screens provide an excellent health and safety element to your home by allowing natural fresh ventilation.

Increased air circulation and ventilation is a great benefit of installing a fly screen. Natural air is essential for good health as opposed to poor air circulation which allows for the breeding of bacteria and mold, thereby having a negative effect on your family’s health.

Furthermore, fly screens keep unwanted dust and debris out of your home, which pollute the air and are bad for your respiratory system.

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