Honeycomb blinds have a unique feature of Honeycomb pleats (much like the Honeycomb of a bee), which provides a stylish aesthetic, energy effectiveness as well as many other benefits.

Excellent insulators

Our Honeycomb Blinds will help keep you warm on those icy cold Victorian winter days. They will also keep you cool during the blistering hot summer.

The unique design of Honeycomb blinds allows for the creation of air pockets which gives them a great insulating quality. When cold or hot air tries to travel through the material as it gets trapped in the cells keeping your room at optimum temperature.

Privacy Control

Our Honeycomb blinds will give your home immense privacy at the window.

A feature of these blinds is they can be lifted up to the top of the window, or lowered entirely, which gives you total privacy when desirable.

Light control

Light control is another positive feature of our Honeycomb blinds.

At Werribee Blinds we offer you an array of different fabrics from complete block-out to light filtering fabrics.

Our block out fabrics block up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This will prolong the life of your flooring and furniture by protecting it from sun damage.

Neat and compact when raised

Our Honeycomb Blinds compact and practically disappear when raised. This makes them a neat and sleek solution for any window dressing.


Werribee Blinds offers you a cordless operating option for your Honeycomb Blinds.

With no cords for the kids or pets to get twisted in, this selection makes Honeycomb blinds the ultimate in child safety.

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