Because of the various advantages and their value for money, aluminium security doors have become one of the most popular choices of security solutions for homes and businesses.

Besides the obvious benefit of providing you home security, there are numerous benefits of installing aluminium fancy doors:


Our aluminium fancy doors are tough and practically maintenance and corrosion free due.

They are also weather resistant which makes them resilient to the harshest of environmental conditions.

Aluminium does not swell, warp, crack or splinter which ensures a prolonged product life.


Aluminium windows and doors provide outstanding thermal and sound insulation which meet current Australian building regulations.

The effectiveness aluminium in providing thermal insulation is relatively higher than PCV or other materials such as timber.

The aluminium used to manufacture our aluminium fancy doors at Werribee Blinds are able to exceed energy efficiency standards which can certainly support improvements in heat gain and heat loss in your home or business.

Custom design

At Werribee blinds we offer you design flexibility when it comes to aluminium fancy doors.

The strength and flexibility of aluminium allows us to build you fancy doors according to your own custom specifications.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to aluminium fancy door finishes and glasses.


Aluminium fancy doors are offered in extensive range of finishing which ensures that you can choose a door that will perfectly compliment your interior decor.

We offer a powder coating finish in a wide range of colors including metallic, pearl and timber finishes. An added bonus is that our powder coating does not require repainting as it does not fade, chip or delaminate.

Cost effective

Aluminium frames are considerably less expensive than other types of doors and frames. Furthermore, their strength, durability and low maintenance properties ensure you cost savings in the long run.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is environmentally friendly in that it offers one of the highest recycling rates when compare to other metals.

The recycling process of aluminium requires only five percent of preliminary energy.

This intrinsic property differentiates sets aluminium apart from other framing materials when it comes to sustainability.

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