The Vision-Gard screen door is the latest addition to our range of privacy screen doors.

Made of thick aluminium, this security mesh is the thickest one-way vision mesh on the market. Whether you’re home alone or entertaining guests, Vision-Gard protects the privacy of your home by protecting you from unwanted viewing.

Our Vision-Gard series of privacy mesh offers you the ultimate in privacy, strength and security for you and your family. The build quality of Vision-Gard eliminates vibration and movement, allowing for quiet operation and quality closing.

Vision-Gard is easy to clean, and durable through any conditions. Resistant to rainwater and reducing drafts, Vision-Gard is the perfect option for privacy and functionality.

Vision-Gard Design

Vision-Gard screens use a 1.6mm thick aluminium perforated sheet that’s powder-coated to stringent standards right here in Australia. This mesh limits the field of vision for people looking in from outside.

With appropriate lighting, people inside the house can look outside. However, no one on the outside can so much as peek inside.

The mesh can be installed in the follow two ways to the frame:

  • Using rivets that are nailed to the frame with a covering strip, concealing the rivets.
  • Using a bespoke wedge PVC pressure retention system.

Key Features of the Vision-Gard One Way Vision Mesh

  • Excellent clarity of vision from inside the property.
  • Minimizes vision into the home.
  • Australian standards approved.
  • High level of resistance to corrosion.
  • Locally manufactured in Australia.
  • A wide range of options to choose from.
  • Complete customised solution to suit your specifications and requirements.
  • Single security deadlock. Optional triple-lock system upgrade available.
  • Meets bush fire requirements.
  • Comes fitted with three heavy-duty hinges.
  • Custom built to your specifications and made to measure.
  • High level of security.
  • Good ventilation and air flow.
  • Vermin and insect resistant.
  • Affordable security system.
  • Contemporary in style and extremely durable.

High-Quality Security Doors

Choosing a good security door isn’t as easy as it seems. A security screen isn’t only about opening and shutting the door easily. When it comes to choosing a security door, there are a number of things to consider such as material, pattern, design, colour, etc.

At Werribee Blinds, we work with you at every step of the way to build a custom security screen door that not only secures your property but looks stunning too. Right from the initial meeting through to the final installation, we take care of every aspect impeccably whilst taking care of every little detail.

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality, secure, safe and fire-rated door, look no further than the Vision-Gard range of doors from Werribee Blinds.

Custom design

At Werribee blinds we offer you design flexibility when it comes to Vision-Gard.

Each privacy mesh is custom made to suit each application.

Explore the Vision-Gard Range

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