Functional and stylish, Ziptrak® blinds offer a trouble-free, natural look that works predominantly well in casual and relaxed areas.

Perfect for enclosing entire outdoor areas, sliding Plantation doors, folding doors and large windows, Ziptrak® are an excellent choice for your entertainment areas.


If you are looking for some modern blinds for your home or business, Ziptrak® make an excellent option. They have neat and elegant lines which will match your chic interior design.

If a more traditional style is what you’re after, there are several other choices that you could consider which could be used for different types of decor styles.

We will help you design Ziptrak® which blend with your specific decor needs.

Enclose or partition entire areas

Ziptrak® Blinds are a sensible and inexpensive answer to enclosing an area, especially tailored to your specific requirements.

Make the best of your patio, barbeque area or outdoor entertainment area throughout all seasons.

Ziptrak® can also be used to create attractive panels, partitioning or enclosures that are both efficient and eye-catching.

Low maintenance

Ziptrak® blinds are hard wearing and need very little maintenance.

Light Control & Privacy

If light control and privacy is what you are after, we will help you select a fabric which will suit your specific lighting and privacy requirements.

Energy efficiency

Ziptrak® provide one of the most efficient ways of preventing heat from entering or escaping through windows.   

In addition to this, they will not only protect you against the sun’s heat and the chilling air, but also help protect your expensive furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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